Afterglow Magic USB DMX Cable

The smallest PC DMX interface on the market!

The Afterglow Magic-2 USB DMX Cable is a full 512 channel (1 universe) USB PC DMX interface. Supplied with a fully featured software package capable of controlling any type of DMX fixture with ease.

Small enough to Carry in your pocket but powerful enough to control the largest disco or stage show, just plug the USB cable into your PC, install the drivers and software (supplied) and start creating. The only thing not included is the computer, lighting and your imagination!

The Afterglow Magic-2 USB DMX Cable is compatible with many DMX Software packages including the following Free DMX Software: -

  • DMXControl (supplied on the CD)
  • Freestyler
  • MagicQ
  • Lights Up
  • The Masterpiece Project
  • Open DMX Theatre
  • Shmithz Simple DMX
  • Shmithz P-polites
  • Shmithz Abuelites
  • ChromaKinetics DMX Stage Lighting Software

The universal Afterglow VB6 and C++ driver that supports the full Afterglow interface range is available on request as is a VB6 example for a simple DMX desk with source code for anyone wanting to create their own software or integrate Afterglow support in their existing software.